Change Image on Hover Effect for Collection Page

This is the simplest feature of the App: it adds a Hover Effect to your Product Images on Collection Page. The effect shows Second Image on mouse hover. Some Shopify Themes have this effect built-in but some don't. In this case you should consider trying this App to make sure your store looks fresh and up to date with modern standards.Main Benefits
Show Second Image on Hover
One-click installation

Slider with Multiple Images on Collection Page

This is the advanced feature of the App that allows to view multiple images right on the Collection Page.
It helps your customers to find products faster because they can view more Images without loading a whole Product Page for reach product.

It's a common practice for large marketplaces to have this effect on Collection Pages but it requires custom coding and maintenance. Luckily we've built this App so you can now add a Preview Slider to your Collection page in one click.
Main Benefits
Add Slider with Arrows
Preview multiple images
Swipe on mobile
Reduce Shopping Time

Other options for Collection Preview Slider

Over the past few years we were constantly working on this app and adding plenty of features. Apart from various optimizations like images lazy loading we added many customization options so you can adjust the look and feel of the Slider to fit your Shopify Theme.

You will find all these options available in the Settings Dashboard. For your convenience you can see the effect of each option in the Preview Section right in the Dashboard. You can also try the Live Preview to easily see the selected effect without even subscribing to the paid plan.


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