Popular Slider Configuration

Here's the most popular configuration of the App. Works best for "narrow" themes (with limited space for gallery).
We recommend using this configuration if all your Product Images have the same aspect ratio.
Main Benefits
Add Arrows on the sides
Allow swiping images on Mobile
Show Thumbnails below
Zoom on Hover and Click

Full-width Gallery (Thumbnails on the left)

Here's our newest and most requested feature: expand the Slider to take as much space as available on the Product Page.
This allows you to display your images in a modern way utilizing all the space and revealing nearby Slides.

Works best for Themes with wide layout.
Main Benefits
Show thumbnails on the left (Desktop only)
Reveal nearby slides
Add Slider with Arrows
Zoom on Hover and Click

Gallery with Variant Images

This advanced feature allows you to only show images of the Selected Variant.
It's a must have functionality for a Product that has many Images and Variants.

Now instead of showing all Images at once - you can simplify your Product Page and only show Images of the selected Variant.
Try changing the variant on the demo below to see the effect.
Main Benefits
Show Images of the selected Variant only
Save space on the Product Page
Compatible with 99% Shopify Themes
Zoom on Hover and Click

Other options for Product Page Gallery

Over the past few years we were constantly working on this app and adding plenty of features. Apart from various optimizations like images lazy loading we added many customization options so you can adjust the look and feel of the Slider to fit your Shopify Theme.

You will find all these options available in the Settings Dashboard. For your convenience you can see the effect of each option in the Preview Section right in the Dashboard. You can also try the Live Preview to easily see the selected effect without even subscribing to the paid plan.


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